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New Name


As we move from the institutional look of NMMU to that of Nelson Mandela University, it is important that we are consistent in using the correct branding materials. This collective usage all forms part of building the new look and feel of the University. 

Branded templates

The following supporting branding templates are available:

·         PowerPoint

·         Electronic letterheads

·         The Nelson Mandela name logo

·         Invitations

·         Posters with an overprint option and,

They can be located on the Corporate ID site on the Portal

Email signatures

Similarly, please replace your present email signature with the new dark blue option, now also available on the Corporate ID site. This option replaces the original white one.

Again, consistent usage of the official signature goes a long way to growing the new Nelson Mandela University brand. Please refrain from using personal quotes as this dilutes the new understated look with its deliberate focus on our namesake.

Use full name

To leverage the full value of our new name, please continue to use Nelson Mandela University on all official and public communication. This is particularly necessary as you update your website information. 

Use old stationery

While this mail specifically urges staff to use the new branding that is available electronically, you may continue to use hard copy stationery with the old NMMU logo until such stocks are depleted. We do not want to be wasteful.    

Way forward

Work towards the completion of a Nelson Mandela University brand manual and style guide is well underway, but given the multiple applications of the brand, this is an understandably lengthy process that requires the approval of Manco.

The brand manual will offer us a comprehensive guide in the appropriate use and application of the brand to ensure that the brand integrity is protected.

We ask for your support and patience in the process.

In the interim, if you need guidance please contact  

Communication and Stakeholder Liaison