Change the world


Today marks the 10-day count down to the official launch of the University’s new name to that of Nelson Mandela University on 20 July.

A campaign in the lead-up to this high-profile event on Missionvale Campus where the new look of Nelson Mandela University will be revealed, also begins today.

Artwork, such as that shown within this communique, is being shared across our campuses as a means of creating further awareness of the forthcoming change and accompanying opportunities that will come with moving from NMMU to Nelson Mandela University.


Municipal signage across the metro has already been updated to reflect our new name, while plans are in place to phase in our own on-campus signage, starting with all the campus entrance signs.

The new-look entrance signs will be introduced almost immediately, while the direction indicators within the campuses will be temporarily updated through the use of vinyl stickers that reflect the new look of the University.

This phased approach to signage takes into account the financial constraints of the University, as funding has to come from normal annual operating budgets.

The main tower block sign is presently being refurbished to take on the new look of Nelson Mandela University. It is only expected to be fitted after the official launch.

For all information about the name change, visit the new name website.


Communication and Stakeholder Liaison