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New Name


Various changes have already taken place on our electronic platforms – websites, social media platforms, email and the like – with the change from NMMU to Nelson Mandela University.


Our institutional sites have automatically been updated to the new logo and colours. All other content within the sites, however, still needs to be changed by the administrator or individual assigned to update the old name to the new name of Nelson Mandela University. As already shared, by using the full name of Nelson Mandela University we are leveraging the value of being associated with one of world’s most iconic figures. You are therefore encouraged to consistently change Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University or NMMU to Nelson Mandela University and avoid using the acronym.  

Where your website name includes the word “NMMU” e.g. NMMU Racing, NMMU Retirement Fund etc, the NMMU will either be removed (as it is unnecessary) or be replaced with “Mandela”. This will be done by the web unit at ICT Services. If there are links in your documents and pages to the old web address, these will need to be updated to the new one by the individual in your department designated to do so. By way of example, will need to be changed to

We encourage you to address these updates soonest as part of a drive to embrace our new name.

The university’s new web url is

There is currently an NMMU app in the app stores which will also change in due course. Information will be supplied later on how to access the app when it becomes available.

Social media platforms
The Official university social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.) have been changed. Here are the direct links to the main platforms:

ICT Services and Communication & Stakeholder Liaison