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New Name


The name is our logo
As was consistently shared at yesterday’s official launch of our new name, the name Nelson Mandela is universally recognised. This is why the name is our University’s new logo. niversally recognised. This is why the name is our University’s new logo.

No crests nor intricate designs are necessary when you bear the name of one of the world’s most iconic statesmen. Foregrounding the name Nelson Mandela is key, hence the lack of clutter to ensure easy recognition of the new logo.


The new name logo is a strong font-driven one, simplistic, legible and elegant. It is in capital letters to add gravitas.

Supporting shapes

The circle replacing the ‘O’ symbolises the globe and Ubuntu. The triangle replacing the ‘A’ represents growth, adaptability and forward-thinking. When these the shapes are used together they represent diversity. These shapes will become the creative elements in developing our new brand identity.

Look and feel

The name logo was designed to have an African feel, while still being international. The simplistic use of the shapes and a replacement of letters with shapes is symbolic of innovation.


The choice of the dark blue as the primary University colour is representative of maritime, wisdom and stability, while the splash of yellow is indicative of vibrancy, loyalty and being grounded. Yellow is also associated with the African continent, with the colour featured in abundance in many of national flags of African countries.

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